Saudi Arabian-Egyptian Relations

Egypt has just gotten a visit from Prince Mohammed bin Salman.  Arriving in the region in an attempt to “deepen the alliance between two of the region’s powerhouses,” other matters discussed at the meeting with Egypt’s President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi included: regional matters and the fight against Islamic militants. While there was pull back in relations in 2016 due to opinion strategy disparity on the Syrian war, this meeting improved matters.

Data from MENA has shown that we are currently encountering a “new era of economic ties between Egypt and Saudi Arabia.” President of the General Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce Ahmed Al-Wakil said the total Saudi investments are worth up to $27bn.  Industries include: oil and electricity.

It is expected that there will be a further escalation in Saudi Arabia’s investment into Egypt given that officials from Egypt and the Kingdom have commented that they are hoping obstacles between the two countries will be reduced, facilitating the transportation of goods and services between them.

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Women’s Pay: Fairer in Sultanate

According to a recent survoman-flagey entitled, The Status of Working Women in the MENA, it appears that female professionals in Oman believe there is a “greater pay parity between genders in the Sultanate,” vis-à-vis most GCC countries. A prior Middle Eastern study also showed that 51 percent of female respondents believed they received equal treatment at work.

Indeed, female workers in Oman do receive the same salaries as their male counterparts. It is generally believed that one gets paid according to their performance, rather than their gender. This is good news since most people these days (73 percent) work in mixed gender environments. Seven in ten women claim they are comfortable with this arrangement with four in ten saying they are “very comfortable.”

Furthermore, 49 percent of women in the Sultanate feel that gender is not an issue at all when it comes to promotion, believing that their workplace offers this to both men and women equally, depending on their performance as echoed above.

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