Support for Growth of Oman Enterprises

The Zubair Group recently announced that it will be engaging in projects to support the development of Oman’s small enterprises. This will be engineered through the Zubair Small Enterprises Centre which aims to “nurture and support promising Omani enterprises.” It will do this by offering assistance in the fields of admin, finance and marketing while facilitating the collaboration between established business networks that already exist in Oman and abroad.

Initially the Centre will sponsor 10 small enterprises each year (while offering general support to others). It will also help from an educational standpoint through working with the Injaz organization.  It will set up the Tasees programme – first time ever in the Sultanate – and promote the Sharikati University contest.  Other help it will provide will be done through its fostering “the ideal environment for sustainable, commercial success of small businesses.”  It will do this through cooperating with the Oman Government’s objectives for the “continued growth of the SME sector.”

Basically, what the Centre aims to do in the short-term is offer young Omani entrepreneurs additional initiatives to help them develop their businesses, which will have the domino effect of enhancing the success of SMEs.  In the long-run, the vision of the Centre is to “become a small business centre hub that offers resources, services and programmes to assist accelerated growth of small enterprises, across all sectors and industries.”

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