Pakistani Business Opportunities

Talking at a business networking dinner reception at the at Sri Lankan Consulate in Karachi, Tarek M. Khan, President of the Pakistan Sri Lanka Business Forum (PSLBF) advised the Forum to focus on principal areas of trade opportunities that hold more potential.  These include: finance, infrastructure creation and tourism.  Khan believes that Sri Lanka and Pakistan can be mutually beneficial to each other in trade, while learning from the other’s experiences.

At the 45th General Body meeting, WD Jinadasa, Sri Lanka’s Consul General, was recognized “for his patronage of the forum” and all his work to intensify trade relations between the two countries. The Forum was also addressed by former President Rauf Tabani who discussed Sri Lankan delegations that have visited Pakistan and how the Forum aided them in interaction between local business communities. Over the last five years, there have been about 32 delegations participating in this process, indicating that there is a greater level of interest in the Sri Lankan business community to improve and expand trade relations with the locals. 

Khan also analyzed the current trade between the two countries and noted that the Forum had been successful in establishing a strategy that can elevate two-way trade for the business community.  Further, the Forum is hoping to augment the bilateral trade from its current $400m position.  Pakistan imports tea and spices from Sri Lanka, exporting cements, produce and rice.   Khan also pointed out that the Forum will be making greater efforts to ensuring the provision of investment opportunities to further business creation in Sri Lanka.

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