Minister of Agriculture: Revoke the Licenses of Some Poultry Farms

Dr. Fahad BilghoneimDr. Fahad Bilghoneim Minister of Agriculture made an imminent issuance of decisions on the cancellation of licenses to some poultry farms, due to repeated violations of health and regulatory rules repeated again and again from those companies. The withdrawal of these licenses and the closure of the farms are in order to preserve the public interest.

This was revealed according to the newspaper “Today” Saudi Arabia in the open meeting held by the East Room with the minister, businessmen and those concerned with agriculture and related sectors in the ministry.

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Omran: The Right Model

Nasser Mizdawi Now I might seem a little biased since I am from Oman and have a working relationship with Omran, but I have to say that what they are doing in terms of using the resources that the almighty gave Oman in order to encourage economic growth and increased tourist revenue is unparalleled in the Arab world. Our brothers throughout the middle east can learn from the contributions Omran is making to bolster Oman’s continued upward economic trends. To me Omran is not only a model, but an inspiration to follow.

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