Oman Gets New Mobile Broadband Packages

Omantel will be launching some new mobile broadband packages.  This will be conducted through the company’s mobile telecommunications branch, Oman Mobile.  The new packages will offer customers a whole slew of different options (price-wise) to connect to Oman’s widest 3.5G coverage.  These rates have been substantially reduced from previous ones and there will be many more usage allowances available too.  Rates will start from as low as RO 1 daily.  This will result in over 2 million customers getting Internet access from their phones or laptops.

According to the company’s VP for Customer Business Unit, Haitham Abdullah al Kharusi, “as Oman’s population becomes increasingly mobile, the demand for internet connectivity on the go has increased significantly over the past few years. We listen to our customers and the new mobile broadband packages are a direct response to their demands. Listening to the need of our customers ensures that Oman’s largest mobile operator will continue to enrich the Omani market with innovative products.”

Given that this area is the country’s largest mobile community to use the Internet wirelessly, the company has attempted to build packages to respond to this need.  Omantel has been focusing on great packages at exceptional prices for its customers.  One example of the packages it offers is monthly 500 MB package subscriptions that sells at RO 12 will be getting an upgrade to the 1GB package for a mere RO 5.  And of course there are many other attractive plans too.  So Oman mobile users will be getting true value for their money and great mobile enjoyment on the move thanks to Omantel.

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