Oman to Present Geopolitical Heritage

Oman may have its issues, but it also has a geopolitical heritage of which to be proud. And now, others will be able to benefit from it too. This heritage is about to be presented at an international forum, that according to a Gulf News article, “promises to give new impetus to the government’s goal of promoting the Sultanate as a geo-tourism destination.” That has to be good news for the people of Oman as a whole.

The conference – the third of its kind – will take place between October 30th to November 1st of this year in Muscat. The Advisor for the UNESCO Global Network of National Geoparks, Professor Ross Dowling will be convening this Geo-tourism conference along with Oman’s Ministry of Tourism. It is expected that there will be approximately three hundred delegates in attendance.
Forum Expectations

It is hoped that the forum will “not only provide a platform for the launch of a number of geo-tourism trails in the capital region, but also highlight the potential for the establishment of geo-parks, caving sites, and other attractions based on the country’s rich geological heritage.”

In this venture, Oman has much of which to be proud, including being home to the world’s biggest ophiolite (measuring in at 600km in length and 150km in width). It is believed that this belt holds “a potential trove in mineral deposits.” Indeed, as Acting Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism, Mohammad Ali bin Said, said, “the Sultanate’s natural wonders are a core element of the national tourism strategy. Few destinations in the region can match the diversity and powerful imagery of our landscapes, so we are very delighted to host this event.”

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