Oman’s Construction Industry

In order to strengthen the Sultanate’s construction industry, the role of its local stakeholders has to be boosted.  It was the contractor/builder institute – the Oman Society of Contractors (OSC) – that made this suggestion.  One way to actualize this is by promoting Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the industry.  A meeting was organized to discuss this matter.  According to the CEO of Oman Society of Contractors, Mr. Salim Talib Al Sheedi, the meeting was meant to help work out how to achieve the objectives of the OSC to support construction companies in Oman.

This was the second meeting held in the series in the Sultanate.  There was a proposal by the Tender Board to unite the SMEs as a way of beefing up their contribution to the national economy.  In addition, it was suggested that part of the region’s building worked should be reserved for the SMEs working in that area.  It also might be a good idea for small companies to form consortiums (band together) to beef up their profiles, which will make them more attractive as they will have more to offer, and this will result in them being more in the running for larger projects.

OSC Pushes for Better Standards

The OSC is always pushing for improved standards for the industry.  It held policy dialogues with ministries as a way of trying to achieve a conducive and productive atmosphere in the building sector.  The response to this was successful and resulted in greater participation from Oman-based companies. 

For future improvements in the building sector, local companies that have the necessary skills need more encouragement so that they can face the global challenges that exist.  Tender Board authorities have responded well to OSC’s requests.  There is now work being done to reduce the dependency over international companies and give the Oman Construction Industry more capabilities with greater confidence.


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