Oman Business News – “Omanization”

omanAccording to the Chairman of Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry Said bin Saleh Al Kiyoumi, it is crucial that a very specific method is used to introduce “Omanization” into the country.  (Omanization is a policy the Oman government made law in 1988.  It sought to bring in Oman workers instead of expatriate ones.)  The way Omanization works is via the Oman Sultanate which sets quotas for each industry to reach vis-à-vis Omani to foreign workers. Companies that succeed in this endeavor receive a “green card,” which translates into positive press attention and preferential treatment when working with the government.

Al Kiyoumi recently said that the time has come for Omanization to now change its focus.  He said that it should be implemented in sectors where it is beneficial for both job seekers and employers.  The issue will be further discussed with individuals at the Ministry of Manpower.

Another part of this endeavor is being implemented by the OCCI which will be launching 9 ‘OCCI Award for Excellence’ in order to bolster competition within private sectors.  The idea behind this is to boost the country’s SMEs and ease their interaction with large private sector and government firms.

Other initiatives in the making include: Manafidh, (free SME product/services marketing at major shopping malls), Muntaje (a special shelf at shopping malls for growing industries), Kafa’at (an SME training program) and Dialogue for Advancement (interactive program between government and business executives).

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