Nawras and WhatsApp

Nawras (an organization with international knowledge and a comprehension of Omani culture, to boost the region’s technology) recently reached an agreement with WhatsApp, Oman’s (and the world’s) top cross-platform mobile messaging service.  WhatsApp has a million+ customers in the Sultanate of Oman. With the new agreement, Nawras will be able to offer many new services for the Omani people. 

CMO of Nawras, Martin Lyne pointed out that WhatsApp has become “a very popular alternative to SMS for messaging, allowing customers to communicate instantly with contacts across the world. With this cross platform reach we will introduce further choice and flexibility for Nawras customers using WhatsApp.” Now, a weekly data plan has been formed, giving customers 50 megabytes of data and 50 SMS for a very good price – only 500 Baiza.  Various other plans will be launched to “enrich the daily lives of people in Oman” as well.   WhatsApp has been engaging in this kind of activity to facilitate communications in the region.

A free downloadable app, WhatsApp can be used on most smartphones for: regular phone use; photo sharing; file transfer with all other app users, etc., irrespective of what operator/handset they use.  Nawras is now designing products and services that are easy to use and suitable for modern methods of communication.

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