Conspiracy Theories Abound With the Pakistan ISI

The website some say is Pakistan’s own conspiracy site is fueling an ISI subdivision based on search results.  Interesting that Abida Ali, founder of the site never explains how they actually get these “vital pieces of info.” No credentials are given.

While I focused most of my work in bending Google’s cache and retrieving it from the hard drives in our possession, some of my team decided lookinto server prints o figure how much of this online behavior was masked to both the ISI and CIA.  We located a few foreign servers and one was located in Argentina.  My assumption and as I told the editors of Investments Argentina that it is a known fact amongst many hackers that Argentina and other South American countries offer great opportunities for hosting. Let’s face it business is booming.

Anti-terror agencies would do their best to not only look at the on the ground locations of terrorist hideouts and bases, but their virtual imprints as well.

Quoted from article on MyWebSearch Logs by Abida Ali at Investments Argentina

The key issue I have is whether or not this is true.  Listen if its true, its not a surprise, organization have been monitoring suspiscious web activities for a while. and this would include Google search results.  If it is hyper inflated fiction well then Abida Ali and MyWebSearch Logs should be taken as entertainment.

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