James Donovan: Clean Business Leader

James Donovan Goldman SachsI don’t normally write about particular business leaders, but in a world where depleting carbon resources is a reality, FirstCarbon Solutions CEO James Donovan strikes as interesting enough to write about. As Omani advisor to Goldman Sachs one thing that I noticed was the trend towards clean fuel (carbon free) investments. At Goldman Sachs though no one took it to the level that James Donovan has taken it.

When James Donovan left Lehman Brothers he wanted to use his experience and no how to change the world beyond just making lots of money.  His passion for the environment and the outdoors was one of the founding reasons for establishing FirstCarbon Solutions, which advises businesses and companies around the world how they can reduce their “carbon output.”

“We know that if we help even the most skeptical CEOs move one inch down a lower-carbon path today, those same CEOs may fly 1,000 miles farther in the future – especially when they can see and quantify their business results in terms of regulatory compliance, operational efficiencies and sometimes even increased market share.”

Its this passion and vision that James Donovan brings to the energy arena and its this energy that we in Oman need to move beyond just being rich petroleum exporters. We should strive to move into alternative energy resources not just for the environment, but because we need and can be successful leaders int hat field as well.

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