Growth of Sultanate

There has been substantial growth in all operations of Sultanate – the national air carrier – over the last year.  According to deputy chairman of Oman Air Board and head of the Executive Committee and undersecretary of the Transport and Communications Ministry for Civil Aviation Affairs, Sheikh Said bin Ali bin Nafl Al Mas’hali, there was a 24 percent jump in the number of passengers traveling via this airline in the first six months of 2011.  Sheikh Al Mas’hali discussed this matter in a statement to Oman News Agency. Figures show that there were 1,845,341 who traveled during this time period via Sultanate.

Good Business News for Oman

This has to be good for other Omani businesses.  And that is exactly what has proved to have happened.  Just looking at the Oman Air Catering Unit, it is clear that everyone is benefitting.  This company provided more than 16 percent of meals than they had done last year, which resulted in a staggering 2,450,151 meals being prepared for the flights.  So, one successful business results in more business and profits all around for Oman, or at least it has the potential to.

As Sheikh Al Mas’hali noted, “the company managed to increase revenues by 40 per cent, passengers by 38 per cent (3.3 million passengers), seat occupancy rate by 72 per cent from 61 per cent and transport 28,600 tons of goods (increase by 99 per cent in air freight).”  In addition, there was a 238 percent increase in revenues and a 29 percent increase in meals on the flights.  Go Sultanate!


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