Gaddaffi and Oman

The murder of Gadaffi should be having an impact on other Arab countries now and the way they run their governments.  This includes Oman.  Tyrants have to start realizing that their undemocratic ruling is on shaky ground and simply cannot last forever.  The Arab region has, to date now, witnessed the end of three-long serving rulers in the space of 12 months.

In the Arab world though – amongst regular people living in the region – it seems that Gadaffi’s murder was not a surprise, nor was it unwelcomed.  According to a recent Reuters news article Libyans, Egyptians and others have described it as “deserving” since he was a dictator who never listened to the cries of his people pleading for a “more open and free society.” 

Now that Gadaffi is dead, Egyptians are “looking forward to helping the Libyan people rebuild their country.”  In Muscat, the capital of Oman, Gadaffi’s death is being hailed as “a lesson to other Arab rulers [who] will face such a fate if they keep oppressing their people,” Haji Ismail, a banker from Muscat said.

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