Escalating Asia and Dubai Relations


The United Arab Emirates is currently making great efforts to establish relations with China in: energy (clean and renewable); science; technology and trade.  Should it succeed in this endeavor, the next step could very easily be the connecting force between Europe, North Africa and Central Asia.

It was actually the UAE VP and PM, Dubai Ruler, His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who began this train of thought. He pointed out how crucial it is to develop and pursue relations between China and the United Arab Emirates as much as possible.  In addition, speaking on behalf of the UAE, he said that from its point of view, this would effectively “widen the scope of its cooperation with the Asian giant.”  And of course ultimately, that just makes good business sense. 

The UAE leader thereafter added that from a personal standpoint, he had visited China quite a few times and enjoyed what he saw there, culturally and vis-à-vis its economic success.  In other words, he could take it as a lesson for his own country.  He said, “Dubai is like the ancient Chinese capital of Chang'an, a global cosmopolitan city, where people from 200 countries live and work together.  As we today follow the distinguished Chinese experience of development with great interest, we strive to strengthen cooperation between the two countries not only in trade, but also in the fields of science, technology, and clean and renewable energy.”

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