Dubai Going Green

The transport authority of Dubai recently approved plans for 20 hybrid Toyota Camrys to be added to the taxi fleet.  It is hoped that doing so will mark the first stage in eliminating pollution.  According to Executive Director and Chairman of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), Mattar Al Tayer, this forms part of a plan to increase the eco-friendliness of Dubai vehicles while reducing overall pollution that their non-eco-friendly counterpart ones create.  It is all part of the RTA’s goal to create a “paradigm shift in the infrastructure of mass transit systems with a view to making them environment-friendly and capable of meeting the growing demand for transit means in the emirate.”

There has already been a trial run for this.  It indicated that these vehicles were able to cover over 550,000km without encountering failures or significant maintenance issues. As well there has been a 33 percent improvement in fuel efficiency and a 33 percent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.

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