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Quincy Jones Helping the Middle East…One Song at a Time

Quincy Jones is stepping into the scene in the Middle East, helping to promote Arab music and to give attention to Arab artists and musicians.


Jones recently worked on a single called “Bokra” with Badr Jafar who is an Emirati social entrepreneur. Others involved in the project included Lebanese star Majida El Roumi Grammy-winning producter RedOne, Kadim Al Sahir from Iraq, Saber El Rabai from Tunisia, Amr Diab from Egypt and Asma Lmnawar from Morocco.

26 years ago Jones produced the hit record “We Are The World” which swept the world and sold tens of millions of copies to raise money for African famine victims. Another version was made last year for victims of the Haitian earthquake.

Helping the Middle East

Quincy Jones explained his interest in the Middle East as he said,

“I have long been a vocal proponent of music and the arts being a great asset in building bridges between people and cultures.”

He continued by saying that, “I believe that given a choice, people want to live in a world of peace and prosperity, and it is my hope that this song will serve as a clarion call for the people of the Middle East and North Africa who share that desire for peace, hope, unity and a better tomorrow to come together to achieve that dream.”

Helping Those Underprivileged

The money that the single makes will help to finance educational arts and culture scholarships and projects that will help children in the Middle East and in North Africa.

In a press release about the singlg, Badr Jafar wrote, “This song comes at such an important time for the Middle East and brings together the region’s leading talent to produce a song of inspiration and hope for all. There is no better time in the region’s history than now for us to be producing a song of this magnitude, and we have the very best people in the industry behind it.”

RedOne told CNN,

“It’s such an honor to have been chosen by Quincy Jones to join the team and recreate this legendary song. We will be trying this new thing, inspire young people, the new generation thinking about peace, thinking about a better tomorrow.”

The song was already recorded in Rabat, Morocco and is expected to be released after Ramadan. Along with the song, the group is creating a music video and a behind-the-scenes documentary about the project.

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From Oman to the North Pole

Certainly, making the trek to the North Pole is no small feat. Now, a new documentary film shows how one explorer from Oman – Nabil “Nabs” Al Busaidi has hit a new record. As the first Arab to walk to the North Pole, Al Busaidi created a new record, and has now had a documentary created for him.

The Arab Who Took on the Artic

Titled “The Arab Who Took on the Arctic,” the film is 44 minutes long and chronicles Al Busaidi’s experience trekking to the North Pole with a team. The film was just screened at City Cinema Shatti in Oman on Saturday and the film is now also available for purchase by TV broadcasters, according to Arabian Business.

After screening the film, Nabil said, “The director made the expedition more like a story, with a storyline of hardship, redemption and triumph at the end. I guess it was like that, but it didn’t feel like a Hollywood film script at the time.” He continued to tell Arabian Business that, “It’s a pretty good feeling to have a documentary made about me. And to have done something significant enough to warrant a documentary.”

Conquering the North Pole

The film chronicles the treacherous expedition for the 39 year old and his companions as they walked more than 650 kilometers to reach the North Pole with 50 kilograms of equipment and temperatures as cold as -40 degrees.

Footage shows, when he planted the Omani flag at the North Pole, that he said, “My name is Nabil Al Busaidi, I am the son of Riadh and Salma Al Busaidi, and I am calling from the North Pole.”

Since his trip, Nabs has raised between $100,000 to $200,000 for charity. He wants to send an important message to youth in the Middle East that ambition should propel you to do what you want to achieve.

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